Homemade by azza - Baju/T-shirt, Chocolate,

Homemade by azza - Baju/T-shirt, Chocolate,

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Help out and dont wait (nauzubillah hi minzalik)

Salamun alaikum

Sometimes we care, sometimes we dont, that the reality of people. Back in Ignorances Day, people proud to have boy as a child, and shame whenever they got a girl and tried to put their shame away by killing their own daughter. But prevalently, we heard the cases about kidnapping, rapping, killing about children and mostly girls. Why? Why people do this to innocent kids? Why they do this to them like what their ignorance ancestor did before?

We see people going forward to the vision of 2020. They build massive projects, they strengthen their economical dominant, their travel away to find a new leaving hole before the world collapsed, their build structures,weapons, entertainments world and what so ever. They moving towards "developing" objects, material, proud, and try to harmonize world by materialism minded. But yet, they dont see the collapsing instead of developing of innerside human being. They steadily decreasing of human attitude level, the drop of moral values. We should think about this way beyond the materialistic world....

I hope to see people settling everybody problem, they share, they know, they cope with everyone's problem even if it is just a piece of cake. I dont tell anyone to be busy body, but i urge every living things to stop their individualistic life, and think what happening around them.

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